Technology Workshop – Report

Technology and Beacon Day – Report


On the 16th of October Rose Marie Bradley welcomed the inter-U3A technology group to a meeting in Spires in Belfast. The day began with a presentation by Venie and Eric Martin who showed and led a discussion on how Beacon (a U3A management system) is used in Causeway U3A. Then Helen Jacobs led a discussion on the requirements placed by the Charities Commission on U3A treasurers. The morning ended with a talk by Ed Link, the U3A trustee from Scotland, who told about current and likely future developments in Beacon.

To see a demo of Beacon go to, then click on “To register as a new user click here”, then add your details.  To receive a copy of the presentations email

In the afternoon the meeting broke up into 3 groups. Eric ran through the online demo of Beacon while Venie took the current Beacon users and Helen talked through the issues with treasurers.

It is planned that this group will meet at least once a year, next time concentrating on technical matters other than Beacon.