Shared Learning Project – Irish and Scots in South America

Shared Learning Project – Irish and Scots in South America

Would you be interested in sharing information about people in your family tree or researching people who set sail for South America?

An SLP has been set up to gather together stories of Irish and Scots people who went to South America in the 19th Century or earlier, and U3A members are invited to submit one or more items for this.  These will then be posted on this website.  See Irish in South America and Scots in South America .  Click on the links to see what we have so far.

You are asked to include only people who left these shores, not second or later generations, so that Ambrose O’Higgins qualifies, but not Bernardo,

Some people have provided comments which do not fit the general project description but thich are interesting in their own right .  See

Submit your items to

I first got interested by reading “Goucho Laird” about Robert Cunninghame Graham which included information about others from Scotland and Ireland and one thing led to another.