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Good News from U3A Foyle

U3A Foyle has been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK!   From QAVS: The work your group does for the community was very much admired by the

Macular Degeneration

Research study looking for volunteers (for later, when conditions allow) As part of a research study at Ulster University, funded by the Macular Society, volunteers affected by age-related macular egeneration (AMD) and healthy controls are invited to help investigate sensitivity

Shared Learning Project – Irish and Scots in South America

Shared Learning Project – Irish and Scots in South America Would you be interested in sharing information about people in your family tree or researching people who set sail for South America? An SLP has been set up to gather

Eliza Lynch (1834 – 1866)

LYNCH, Eliza Alicia (1834–86), mistress of Francisco Solano López (dictator of Paraguay, 1862–70), was born in Charleville, Co. Cork, the eldest of at least three children of John Lynch, a Catholic doctor, and his wife, Jane Elizabeth, second daughter of

Andrew, William & John Blest

The Blest family lived in Sligo at the beginning of the 19th century.  The mother was Anna Maiben or Mayben, from a local linen mill family, and the father, Albert, was a pastor descended from a soldier who had married

Thomas Cochrane 1775- 1860

On the 21st May the Chilean Navy pays annual tribute to the grave of Thomas Cochrane in Westminster Abbey. While Thomas was born at Annsfield, near Hamilton, he spent much of his childhood and is commemorated in Culross, Fife, on the

Darien Project 1698

This was a major Scottish tragedy, brought about when William Paterson, an Scotsman who had gone to England and prospered, being a founder of the Bank of England, was convinced by a sailor called Lionel Wafer that there was a

William Brown 1777 -1857

William Brown is a national hero in Argentina, the founder of the Argentine navy and one of the founding fathers of the Argentine State. While it is agreed that he was born in Foxford, Co Mayo, there are conflicting versions

Robert Cunninghame Graham 1852-1936

Robert’s life was certainly not dull – after an exciting life as a gaucho in South America he took to politics, was a Member of Parliament and a founder member of both the Independent Labour Party and the Scottish National


Inter-U3A events organised by the Region have been postponed.  This includes the Bridge Congress, Singfest, AGM and Finance Workshop.

U3A Agreement with NI Fire Service

The NI Region of U3As has signed an agreenment with the NI Fire Service so that all U3As can ask for a talk by the Prevention & Protection Officers from their local fire stations.  They can request and arrange visits

Group Outings

There are places where Groups can go while access for individuals is limited.  What follows is a list of suggestions for U3As (by no means complete – please email suggested additions/ corrections to Belfast Strand Cinema/ Arts Centre 028

Offers for U3A members

Due to the good behaviour of Causeway U3A, Rockmount Golf Club is offering a discount to U3A members for green fees or meals.  This may be the start of a list of such offers so please email any others to

Adult Learning Opportunities

In addition to learning with U3As there are a number of organisations providing adult learning or lifelong learning classes.  This post aims to provide links to the key players – please submit your suggestions to (latest) Blacksmithing Classes Irish music

Newsletter of the National Office

To get regular copies of the Trust’s newsletter add your email address to their website at  Newsletter  .  For a starter check out the September issue to see who you know there.