Workshop on Beacon and U3A Technology

Technology Group Meeting

Rose Marie Bradley, the NI Trustee, invites U3A members to a workshop on Beacon and other U3A Technology issues, to be held in the Spires Conference and Exhibition Centre, Wellington St, Belfast, on Tuesday 16th October.

This will be led by Venie and Eric Martin from Causeway U3A who will give a brief overview of Beacon (the data management system devised by U3As for U3As) and lead a discussion on general issues about Beacon, websites and other communication methods. Venie & Eric stress that are not experts, they are end users and will share the Causeway experience (11.30-1). In the afternoon (2-3.30) there will be a more hands-on workshop, looking at specific problems, when we also hope to have a link to Sue Ingledew who is one of the Beacon advisers.

Please extent this invitation to all those in your U3A who may be interested.  To book places and lunch please email by Saturday 13th October with, if possible, a note on the issues you want to discuss or hear discussed or any specific Beacon problems.