Art Inventory


I am Hugh Nelson from the Northern Health and Care Trust where I am secretary of a newly established Arts and Wellbeing Group chaired by our Chief Executive, Dr Tony Stevens. One of the initiatives we will be taking forward is the establishing of an inventory of the paintings and other art works which we have under our protection. I had contacted the Arts Council NI to discuss how this could be taken forward and they have suggested that the University of the Third Age may find this a project of interest. I am therefore contacting those who I understand to be based within our geographic area to explore if this is indeed an initiative that you would be interesting in and willing to become involved with.

The idea is simply to put arrangements in place whereby a group of people from the various U3A groups can visit Trust sites to identify and compile an inventory of paintings and other works of art held within the Trust. This will help identify art works of cultural importance or value as well as consideration of how this art can be made more accessible to the public.

The Northern Health and Care Trust spans a wide geography so I hope I have picked up on those U3A groups who fall within this area. Please feel free to pass on to others if not.

At this stage I am just seeking to identify if there is sufficient interest in this within the U3A. Please let me know. I am happy to discuss if you would like any further information.

Many thanks, Hugh

Hugh Nelson

Head of Community Wellbeing

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